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New baked accordion potatoes

New baked accordion potatoes

I peeled the potatoes and sliced ​​them a little 3/4 ... thin slices.

Between the potato slices I put green onion leaves, yellow pepper slices and tomato strips.

I seasoned the potatoes with salt, pepper, paprika. I sprinkled chopped dill on them (unfortunately I only had dry ones). I placed the potatoes in a tray and I put a slice of cheese and a cube of butter over each potato, I sprinkled them with butter.

I put some water on the bottom of the tray and put the tray in the oven.

They turned out very good and I served them together a dish made of: cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions.

Wash the potatoes and clean them with a vegetable brush.
Cut in half.
Dill is finely chopped, the garlic is cleaned and pressed.

Put the oil in the pan, add the potatoes and dill.

Add the garlic and mix.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees and keep for about 50 minutes or until browned.

Serve as such or with steak. They are good with tzatziki sauce or salad.
Good appetite!

Baked potatoes with garlic in the oven & # 8211 The most delicious way to prepare baked potatoes (very healthy)

I can't wait for new potatoes to appear in the spring. I dreamed of them fried all winter, with cream and dill. Yesterday, when I saw new potatoes in the gallantry, I didn't take into account that they were from Egypt (meaning not very tasty) and I took them. When I got home, however, I found Dietetik from a baked potato recipe by Chef Maniac that made my mouth water immediately. So I postponed the new french fries, with cream and dill until further notice (and cravings).


  • new potatoes (how many do you want to make, I made 3)
  • garlic (a clove of garlic for each potato)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt, pepper, hot paprika, ground rosemary (the green one is much better, but I didn't have it)
  • optionally, a tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese

First, I sliced ​​the potatoes, but I didn't do it like an accordion.

I cut the garlic slices into slices, then sprinkled salt, pepper, hot paprika and ground rosemary over the potatoes. Then I sprinkled them with extra virgin olive oil.

I then put them in a tray on baking paper.

After about 40 minutes (on low heat), they were ready. I sprinkled them with Parmesan (which, as I said, is optional)

They were exceptional. And they went great as a garnish for a chicken with wine and garlic sauce, which I'll show you tomorrow.

"Accordion" potatoes - a simple, impactful recipe

"Accordion potatoes" are a unique way to turn these common vegetables into one prepared with a special look, suitable for guests.

Their name comes from the fact that the way they are cut makes them look like an accordion. The recipe is very simple, and with a strong visual impact. It can be enriched, according to taste and preference, with other ingredients, such as cheese, ham, etc.

The amount of ingredients is not fixed, because it depends on how many potatoes you use and the number of people for whom you want to prepare this recipe.

Look for a tall baking tray that can hold the potatoes you want to bake, 4-5 large potatoes, or even more.

After you have peeled them and washed them well, put them on a wooden bottom and start cutting each potato into slices, three quarters down, without touching the base with the knife and without cutting them. all.

Then put the potatoes in a bowl or large bowl, and add a little olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika and other spices, to taste (ginger, rosemary, thyme, dill, parsley, oregano, etc.). Mix with your hands to grease the potatoes everywhere with oil and spices.

Place the potatoes in the pan and sprinkle with a little olive oil at the end. You can insert pieces of tomatoes or bell peppers between the slices, as in the picture.

Put the tray in the oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius. Let them bake well, about an hour, or until browned on top. To make sure they are well cooked, insert the fork into them. If they penetrate easily, they are ready.

If using ham, cut it into thin slices and insert between the potato slices. If you want them au gratin, grate the cheese on top of them.

Accordion potatoes are served warm, with green parsley on top, with a tomato sauce. They can be eaten as such, together with a vegetable salad (cabbage, tomatoes, beets and horseradish, etc.), or as a garnish for a fish steak.

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  • potatoes - 1 kilogram
  • minced meat - 300 grams
  • butter 70 grams
  • mayonnaise - 2 tbsp
  • hard cheese - 100 grams
  • salt, spices to taste.

Baked potatoes. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash the potatoes (take about one tuber, better than the average size, to cook well), clean and rinse again. Dry a little.
  2. Then we take the potatoes and cut them crosswise without finishing the knife.
  1. Take pre-minced meat (I have homemade, made of pork), add salt and spices to taste, then put two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix well.

The council. You can find out how to prepare delicious juicy meat from different types of meat on our website "I like to cook".

  1. Sprinkle with salted potatoes.
  2. It's time to fill our potatoes. We take the minced meat and place it correctly in the cuts: try not to put too much, otherwise you will break it.
  3. After the filling, place the potatoes on a baking sheet and place a piece of butter on each tuber. The oil will give the potato tenderness and juiciness.
  4. Now we need a grater with big holes to fry the hard cheese. After they have been shaved, sprinkle each potato on top.
  5. Turn the oven 200 degrees so that it heats up. Bake the potatoes for about 1 hour, at a temperature of 200 degrees. The potato should turn golden with a crispy crust.

The council. If you do not want the cheese to turn into a crust, then wrap the potatoes in foil before cooking.

It will be delicious to combine salted fish with this potato, which we will cook at home. I consume products for a fresh herring (you can add salt and mackerel according to this recipe). If you have more fish carcasses - increase the number of products proportionally.

  1. We take a fresh fish, make an incision along the rib, remove a thin film so that the fish remains intact. Cut off my head and wash my fish. Rinse under running water, wipe it with paper towels to dry.
  2. Along the ridge, where the incision is made, we make indentations with a knife, so that it is possible to divide the fish into fillets. Remove the ridge and select small bones.
  3. Take the fillet, transfer to a plate and sprinkle with salt on both sides. Cover with clinging foil and leave for 40 minutes.
  4. Then take 2 onions, cut into rings and spread in a deep bowl. Cover and set aside.
  5. During this time, our fish insisted, remove the film, remove the fillet and rinse under running water. Then wipe each thread with a paper towel.
  6. Cut our fillet into 1.5 cm slices.
  7. Take a prepared jar: place the chopped onion and fish in layers on the bottom of the jar.
  8. Pour the sunflower oil into the jar so that the fish is lightly covered with it.
  9. Put in the fridge for 3 hours. After this time - the fish is ready to serve.

So I boiled potatoes in the oven with cheese - just a jump. It turned out so fragile, juicy and fragrant. The most important thing is that it is very healthy: ripe potatoes contain a lot of goods for human health. We serve baked potatoes with slices of pickled fish - a wonderful dinner is prepared for the whole family. Welcome to the "I like to cook" website for new recipes for simple and tasty dishes.

Potato accordion in the oven & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of accordion potatoes it's ideal if you're a potato lover like me. I could eat potatoes every day. I like it anyway, fried, pureed, baked, in any way. Since childhood I liked them and I remember fondly that in the country, at my grandmother's, I went to pick potatoes. I was fascinated by the sea of ​​people who gathered with us and we could not wait to get home to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I don't know why, but those potatoes were the best and tastiest in the world.

Since then I have been left with a passion for potatoes and I am always looking to prepare them in the same way. Because I avoid frying in oil, I bake them more often. For this reason I want to present you the recipe for accordion potatoes. They are effective, they prepare quickly and easily and they make waves every time. The good part is that they can be easily customized using your favorite spices and can be served with anything. You can use them as a side dish or even as a stand-alone dish with a salad or a sauce.

They are perfect as post recipe and if you want you can bread them with all kinds of ingredients. For a fasting option you can use vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and herbs. For a meat version you can put smoked cheese, cheese or cheese and any other ingredients you want. I went for the simplest option because I wanted to let you customize them as you wish. Usually that's how I prepare them, just seasoned well and serve them with a main course.

I go very well with any kind of meat, but also with fish or a vegetable-based dish. They are very good with a salad, and the little ones love these accordion potatoes. Depending on their size, leave them in the oven more or less. You prick them lightly with a knife and when the potatoes enter easily, they are ready. You can use any kind of potato, even new potatoes or sweet potatoes. I sincerely hope you like my accordion potato recipe and prepare them at the first opportunity. For another delicious potato dish, I invite you to try the recipe new potatoes in the oven.

Accordion potatoes with baked legs and cold-pressed rapeseed oil

In December, when I made the e-book Delicious recipes for #HolidaysHome, during our documentation, we discovered a recipe, specific to Sweden, that caught our attention. Because it is more suitable for spring due to the ingredients, we put it in the "store", and today we decided to share it with you. These are Hasselback potatoes or accordion potatoes, which we prepared as a garnish for baked chicken legs with cold-pressed rapeseed oil. They borrowed the name Hasselback from the Hasselbacken restaurant in Stockholm, where they were first served in this form of fan or accordion.

Today's recipe is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, thanks to the cold-pressed rapeseed oil Elixir, and its benefits can be found here!

For these recipes we need:

  1. 6 medium potatoes
  2. 4 lower chicken legs
  3. 8 tablespoons rapeseed oil
  4. 100 gr of parmesan
  5. Salt

Preparation of potatoes: To start, we must heat the oven to 220 ° C and place the grill in the lower half of it. Wash the potatoes with a sponge and then dry them well. Potatoes can remain in the shell or can be cleaned - we opted for the first option. Then slice the potatoes without pressing the knife blade all the way down, so that the base remains intact and the slices remain. Next, arrange the potatoes in the pan, on a baking sheet or in a bowl. Grease the potatoes with a little rapeseed oil and season with salt and pepper. Then put them in the oven for 60 minutes.

In their original recipe, after they have been placed in the tray, pieces of butter, green onions and cheese are added between the potatoes after 40 minutes of baking, bacon is also added between the potato slices.

Because we used them as a side dish, we opted for a simpler recipe. At the end, after they were done, I added grated Parmesan cheese on top.

Preparation of the thighs: we cleaned the thighs in the evening and marinated them overnight with rapeseed oil, parsley, oregano, salt, pepper, paprika. After about 10 hours I put them in the oven on a baking sheet, where I left them for 45 minutes.

Accordion potatoes on skewer stick in the oven

Recipe for accordion potatoes on a skewer in the oven, a simple and easy to prepare snack, made from common ingredients and handy, very easy to buy. Accordion potatoes on a skewer are delicious with your favorite dishes or simply eaten as such.

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These accordion potatoes on skewer stick in the oven, is a delicious, healthy and extremely good-looking way to cook potatoes. They are prepared simply, with common ingredients and at hand, the only thing not very common in a kitchen being skewer sticks, but which are easy to find in almost any supermarket.

Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, accordion potatoes on a skewer in the oven are the perfect garnish for your favorite dishes, but also the simple and filling snack you sometimes need.

The recipe for accordion potatoes on a skewer can be adapted according to your preferences, so you can use spices of your choice, more or less. You can also add various cheeses over potatoes, such as grated Parmesan cheese or sauces.

With meat

Fatty and high-calorie meat is obtained with baked potatoes and cheese. In Russian culture, such a recipe is called & bdquocarne in French & rdquo (although it has nothing to do with the real gastronomy of France). This fatty, high-calorie dish is perfect if you need to feed a hungry person or the whole family. However, those on a diet are unlikely to like the recipe.

  • pork & # 8211 half a kilogram
  • potatoes & # 8211 1 kg
  • onion & # 8211 1 pc.
  • mayonnaise & # 8211 a pack
  • gouda or edam & # 8211 100 g.
  1. Cut the pork into slices, beat and cover with salt and spices. Leave to marinate for half an hour.
  2. Cut the cleaned root vegetables into thin slices and place on the bottom of the baking dish, previously greased.
  3. Put the meat in a second layer and then onion rings.
  4. Sprinkle with gouda or edam ras, grease with mayonnaise.
  5. Send in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.
  6. Bake now.

600 gr boneless pork neck, 1 kg baby potatoes, 300 gr smoked bacon, 200 gr red onion (shallot), 200 gr garlic, 200 gr butter, spices for potatoes, 200 gr ketchup, 10 gr paprika, salt and pepper, 1 large tomato, green bean sprouts, peas, bamboo, edible flowers garnished, 1 bunch green onions, 50 gr bellows cheese.

Wash the new potatoes and put them to boil for about 15 minutes, then drain the water, season with special spice, salt, pepper to taste, then sauté in butter. Put them in a tray lined with parchment paper and leave them in the oven for another 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Beat the pork neck a little with the schnitzel hammer. Then season with salt, pepper and paprika and marinate for about 35 minutes.

Peter sauce, slice the smoked bacon in the shape of an accordion and fry it in very little oil. Just until it browns well. We remove it, then add the chopped julienned onion in its place. Temper the onion and then add the paprika, ketchup, salt and pepper to taste.

Peel the garlic, cut it into thin slices and use it at the final touch together with the tomato and bellows cheese. We decorate the repair with bamboo shoots, beans, peas, edible flowers, to give it a note of color and inviting appearance.