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Gulyas Potato with Vegetables - Multicooker

Gulyas Potato with Vegetables - Multicooker

First of all, we clean and wash the vegetables well.

Put a little oil in the cooker bowl (or if you cook on the stove in a pan, wok) and turn on the fry function for 15 minutes.

We put onions, leeks and peppers cut into rounds / cubes.

Then add while the first ones are cooking, the diced zucchini, the diced tomatoes and then the sliced ​​carrots and the diced celery.

Stir and leave until the 15 minutes scheduled from the beginning.

Practically all this operation, cutting vegetables and cooking will take about 15 minutes.

Add the diced potatoes, tomato paste, water, salt and pepper, close the lid and start the 'Stew' function (lasts an hour).

About 15 minutes before the end of the program, add the gulyas spice and at the end the chopped green parsley.

If we prepare the food on the stove, check when the vegetables are almost cooked and then add the spice and leave it on the fire for another 10-15 minutes.

It is a very tasty vegetable dish that I recommend for any day of the week.

Enjoy your meal!

Method of preparation

Gulyas of potatoes with vegetables

I prepared this goodness for Multicooker, which I am super happy with, but the same


The pork muscle is portioned in 8 equal tranches (2 tranches per serving), beat well with

Multifunctional grater, Delimano Drum Grater Brava

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Healthy alternative: What do we replace the classic potato garnish with?

First of all, how important is it to drastically reduce the consumption of delicious potatoes (to the point of using them only occasionally)?

There are several well-founded arguments that support such an approach:

- Potatoes have - regardless of the preparation - a high glycemic index. That is why their regular consumption favors the fattening and even the onset of diabetes

- Caloric load is another weak point of potatoes when compared to other vegetables

- The most used way to prepare potatoes is frying. Frying potatoes also results in acrylamide, a highly oxidizing substance that increases the risk of cancer.

- Even if they also provide us with vitamins and minerals, potatoes remain a food with a relatively low nutritional value.

- Due to the high concentration of starch in potatoes, they do not make a "good home" with meat dishes. The combination of potatoes and meat means a poorly digested meal, because meat proteins will be used in a low yield.

If we have convinced you to reduce the potatoes in your dishes, here are some healthier and at least as tasty alternatives:

- Cabbage and cauliflower: have a low caloric content and glycemic index, provide anticancer substances, B vitamins and plenty of fiber. (Both are also rich in vitamin C, but it is destroyed by thermal preparation.)

- Mix of peppers, onions and tomatoes: using more vegetables, we take advantage of a wide variety of substances useful to the body. This mixture is hard to beat in terms of "antioxidants". In addition, compared to ordinary potatoes, it complements the taste of fish and poultry much better.

- Beans: it is caloric, but has a higher protein / calorie ratio than potatoes. Don't forget the red beans, more nutritionally valuable than the white one.

- Green beans: it is dietary, full of fiber, and pods contain substances that protect us from some degenerative brain diseases.

How to choose the right ingredients

So, what kind of plate to surprise the guests, so that they can be satisfied for a long time and not forget the hospitality of the owners and at the same time appreciate the culinary art of the household?

Those who often cook in a slow cooker are advised to prepare a dish known in the Soviet period & # 8211 canned meat potatoes.

Potatoes prepared in this way acquire a special, unique taste.

To cook potatoes with stew in a slow cooker, you need to buy a high quality base of this stew pot.

It is advisable to invest in the purchase of a natural stew, which consists of meat and not soy with flavor enhancers.

Where and how to find such a septic tank will be asked?

But maybe it sounds weird, but you can still find it.

What to focus on when choosing?

First of all, of course, on the price, because a real quality stew cannot have a low cost.

Are your relatives eating bad beets? Try to cook something special for them. Cooking beet juice: recipes, recommendations. They will definitely want this dish.!

It seems that nutritionists also recommend beef. Therefore, do not refuse this meat, because it is useful and cooked. Read more about how much you need to cook beef.

You can read about the benefits of pickled ginger for weight loss in the article

First of all, because it will cost as much as a kilogram of meat plus the cost of preparing a stew on the market.

Then you have to look at the packaging and what it says about the composition.

Although he will not be able to save from buying fakes.

Therefore, we study the bank more closely.

Check GOST availability.

It is necessary to purchase only the goods that are indicated to be of the highest quality.

But recently, there have been frequent cases when a product that has obtained the highest grade has been shown to be tasteless and of poor quality.

Increasingly, manufacturers are using glass jars as a stew container.

Through the bottle you can see what you are buying.

But in this case, you can calculate the mistakes.

When you open the box, first of all, pay attention to the smell that comes from the box.

It should just smell like stew and nothing else.

GOST involves the presence of more than fifty-six percent meat and fat in a stew jar, and the rest of the contents is meat broth.

The pieces of meat should look whole, not come off when removed, each of these pieces must weigh at least thirty grams.

Potatoes is better to choose the medium size and those varieties that are cooked soft.

ingredients Number of
potatoes & # 8211 8 pieces
carrots & # 8211 one piece (medium size)
onion & # 8211 a big one
beef or pork a bench
different spices & # 8211 for taste
garlic & # 8211 one tooth
vegetable oil & # 8211 for frying
Cooking time: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 285 Kcal

The recipe can cause not only nostalgia for the past, but also a lot of positive emotions.

Chop the onions well, the carrots.

Heated multicooker, poured in vegetable oil.

I set the cooking mode, for this type of potatoes you have to choose & # 8220cooking & # 8221.

First you have to set ten minutes at a power of one hundred and twenty.

Fry the carrots and onions, stirring occasionally.

You can fry onions and carrots if everything is fried well enough.

Potatoes, pre-cleaned, cut into medium-sized pieces.

Now we start the multicooker mode, which is designed to turn off.

Put the stew and potatoes in the electric tray.

Depending on the power of the device, it takes from half an hour to forty minutes to prepare a dish.

The next step is to fill the potatoes with water to a third.

Then close the lid and do not look back for thirty or even thirty-five minutes.

After the required time, the multicooker is slightly opened.

Care must be taken, otherwise the steam could be burned.

If there is still water in the miracle vessel, let it chop for five or even ten minutes.

For the potatoes to get a unique spicy flavor, you can add chopped garlic and give a little more (just a few minutes).

The dish is designed for four to five servings, of course, if necessary, the number of ingredients can be proportionally increased or decreased.

By trying this dish, the user can not only remember memories, but also try an old past, long forgotten, in a new treatment.

Served with pickles, which will give spices or a salad of fresh vegetables.

It is said that everything new is long forgotten.

Cooking this dish many years ago, our mothers did not think that their descendants would have such a wonderful oven that you just have to put everything in it and she will prepare everything.

Our recipe with a photo will complete the video, which describes in detail all the steps of preparing consistent and healthy potatoes with canned meat.

Ingredients for the Pork Ciolan recipe with beer and vegetables in slowcooker

  • -1 pork tenderloin of at least 1 kg
  • -1 l of black or blonde beer
  • -1 head of garlic
  • -Half of hot peppers
  • -600 g small onion
  • -1-2 carrots
  • -salt
  • -piper seeds
  • -rosemary
  • -1 star anise (optional)
  • = rosemary

Bake potatoes and vegetables in a cauldron

In the boiler, all the dishes are particularly tasty, which of us did not try the Uzbek pilaf in the boiler? When cooking meat in a cauldron, first of all you do not have to hurry, do everything quickly, but without agitation, otherwise the dish will not work.

This dish can be cooked daily and you can invite friends and treat. It's quite a festive category.

So the following products are needed for cooking:

  • a kilogram and a half of beef
  • a kilogram of potatoes
  • half a kilogram of onions
  • a kilogram of carrots
  • a glass of vegetable oil
  • White pepper
  • two tomatoes
  • quince
  • pepper
  • two cloves of garlic
  • two tablespoons of spirits
  • basil
  • salt pepper.

Prepare the dish for two hours.

Wash and dry the beef and vegetables. Cut the meat into small portions. Then you have to heat the oil in the boiler and fry it until it is golden brown. Don't forget to add pepper.

Cut the onion and add to the meat. The fire must be reduced and everything extinguished for twenty minutes.

Carrots can be cut or straw or round and put in the meat with onions. Stir and sprinkle with zira. Separately, you have to put the kettle and boil water.

Wash the tomatoes and peel. If there is no desire, the skin can not be removed in this dish, it is irrelevant. Cut into thin slices and place in a cauldron.

From the top, you need to put the Bulgarian pepper, hot pepper, cut into thin strips and, in eight minutes, fill the boiler with boiled water.

The whole quince and garlic are put there. When the water boils, the fire should be reduced and all the ingredients should be extinguished together for about forty minutes.

Then, at the end, the potatoes must be cleaned and, without cutting, completely inserted into the boiler. Up with basil or ragana leaves. At very low heat under the lid, boil for an hour.

Place on a serving plate as follows: in the center is the meat with vegetables and around the potatoes. Bon appetit!

Mushrooms & # 8211 a good addition to taste!

Then cook the pork stew with potatoes and mushrooms. Mushroom lovers just can't get over this delicacy.

  • Pork & # 8211 a kilogram
  • Carrots & # 8211 2 pieces
  • Onion & # 8211 an onion
  • Garlic cloves & # 8211 3 pieces
  • Mushrooms & # 8211 500 grams
  • Dry red wine & # 8211 300 ml
  • Flour & # 8211 100 grams
  • Tomato & # 8211 100 grams
  • Sunflower oil
  • Two bay leaves
  • A little salt and black pepper.
  1. Wash the pork with cold water and cut into slices. Then I put it in hot oil and fry it until pink. Then we move on to a small saucepan
  2. Peeled carrots are cut into strips. I cut the onion and garlic. All vegetables are poured into the pan and fried in butter for about 5 minutes
  3. Then pour the flour, add a little tomato paste and fry for another minute, mix everything
  4. Pour wine over vegetables, put Lavrushka, some salt and black pepper. Pour all 7 minutes. Then pour the meat with this sauce. Simmer in sauce for about an hour
  5. Cut the mushrooms and fry in a pan. They need pepper and salt. Fry until the mushrooms are soft
  6. Move the mushrooms in the almost ready stew and mix. The finished treatment is sprinkled with green.

Video: Multicooker REDMOND RMC-280E (January 2022).