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Chef David Burke’s Menus for the 'Other Holidays'

Chef David Burke’s Menus for the 'Other Holidays'

We all have our customs for the traditional holidays, but as I am sure many of you are not surprised to learn, I like thinking outside the box. When it comes to holidays, I like celebrating the rare and whimsical ones — some you may have heard of and some you may have not. Here are some of my dinner ideas for these not-so-celebrated holidays.

National Television Day — Nov. 21: For those of you who didn’t know, Nov. 21 is National Television Day. What better way to celebrate television than by sprucing up your TV dinner with some duck meatloaf. I love to use cornbread instead of regular breadcrumbs, with red pepper flakes for a little heat. It’s also fun to play around with the shape. I like to pack it into a funnel and remove for a cone shape, then I fry a quail egg and place on the peak to pop the yolk — there you have it, a meatloaf volcano.

Martin Luther King —Jan. 21: My menu for this holiday is a salute to Dr. King, for his love for Southern cuisine and to the South. My crackling Pork Shank with Firecracker Applesauce is the perfect nod to the South, and I’d serve a warm pecan pie with Breckenridge bourbon whipped cream for dessert.

Click here to see the Firecracker Applesauce Recipe

Ground Hog Day — Feb. 2: I love celebrating this holiday, because it gets me excited for spring. While ground hog isn’t widely available, rabbit is pretty darn close and makes a nice stand-in on the holiday.

Earth Day — April 22: What could be considered earthier than mushrooms? You can practically see the dirt on them when you buy them at the store. I always make a batch of mushroom soup on Earth Day to celebrate the holiday.

National Flag Day — June 14: For flag day, I like to pay a nod to the American flag and our traditions and cook up a barbecue. For a little zip or pop of flavor to your barbecue sauce, add ingredients such as your favorite coffee grinds, ginger, lemon peel, or peach purée — these will give your barbecue some depth.

Bastille Day — July 14: On this French holiday I’d cook two of my favorite French dishes: coq au vin and a Gruyère omelette with fresh chives.

National Tequila Day — July 24: Ceviche is the perfect way to celebrate National Tequila Day, seeing as it is the main ingredient for the dish. Or of course, you could just enjoy it in the form of a good old-fashioned margarita and pair it with my Tuna Tacos.

Click here to see the Tuna Tacos Recipe

Labor Day — Sept. 2: While it’s just passed, I hope this will give you some inspiration for next year. In honor of the American workers' achievement, what better than to cook some hearty steak and potatoes on the grill. Instead of regular old potatoes, run rosemary branches through them and wrap them with foil — place directly on the coals on the grill and bake for the amount of time it takes to cook the steaks or until soft. Late summer is also the best time to take advantage of the surplus of rip tomatoes, which I like to use for my Gazpacho with Crabmeat Salad recipe.

Click here to see the Gazpacho with Crabmeat Salad Recipe

David Burke is a world renowned chef and restauratuer. Vist his website and Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter @ChefDavidBurke

Chef David Burke's 3 amazing recipes for butternut squash

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

The celebrity chef demonstrates how to make crowd-pleasing butternut squash and pesto salad, chicken meatloaf balls and a black eyed pea salad on "GMA."

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Chef David Burke Dishes on Healthy Cooking

Continuing with our series of top chefs "Dish With Diane" on healthy eating, I chatted with David Burke.

David and I are friends and have cooked together both on television and live on stage. In addition to being a great guy and amazing chef, he is generous with sharing his wealth of culinary knowledge and how lucky am I to have his brain to pick? David is a pioneer of modern American cooking. In the mid-1980s, he brought new techniques and new styles of food to the table at the River Café in New York City. He was one of the first chefs, if not the first chef, to brand and trademark his own food: "I didn't just put my name on a box of pasta I invented what's in the box."

Pastrami salmon and cheesecake pops are his signature creations. David has also taken dry aging to a new level with a technique that is proprietary to him and recognized as a better way to do it that produces a healthier and more flavorful end product. David Burke has been a trailblazer following and setting trends that have been integral in creating what we now call Modern American Cuisine.

Let's get David's take on healthy cooking and eating:

Diane: Do you see a trend with diners seeking better-for-you options on the menu?

David: Yes, healthier but not boring. They are not looking for "plate fillers" like French fries they are looking for exciting, sensible food using grains, fish and seasonal vegetables. Starch does not have to automatically be included on a plate, those days are over. Restaurant customers today are requesting kicked up versions of veggies and fruits in place of starch and chefs need to be ready for that. What I feel is very important is to have a wait staff that knows the menu inside out and can steer customers who want healthier options in the right direction.

Diane: What's your definition of "healthy eating"?

David: Sensible eating and balanced diet with not too much fat, bread, beef or sugar. There is nothing wrong with chocolate mousse, you just don't eat it every day. It's important to educate yourself about what foods are good for you. Try picking 20 things you really like and make salads out of them … pears, cheese, walnuts, beef jerky, whatever - it's a good way to get started. I am working right now to get myself healthier and have lost 20 pounds by reducing portions, carbohydrates and just being more conscious of what I eat because I want to get ready for the next 50 years of my life.

Diane: What is your secret to cooking healthier without sacrificing flavor?

David: The key is using quality ingredients. I use broths, herbs, spices, zests, juices, marinades and limited fats. Try cooking techniques that caramelizes the natural sugar in foods like grilling and searing. This adds flavor without extra calories or fat. Poaching and steaming are healthy ways to cook but can produce a bland result so you need added ingredients like herbs, spices, coffee, tea, vegetable juices, chilies or vanilla to boost the flavor.

Diane: What is your favorite dish on your own menu?

David: My Pastrami Salmon. I love it because it's versatile, convenient, tasty, smoky, rich and spicy. I feel good eating it. I add it to egg whites, wrap it in lettuce leaves, toss with pasta or use as a garnish. It's on the menu of all of my restaurants.

Diane: How about an update on what's new and exciting in your world?

David: I've been doing some fun things with Food Network that include "Finale of Worst Cooks in America" hosted at David Burke Kitchen, and keep an eye out for a full episode of a Food Network show that was filmed at David Burke Fromagerie in Rumson, N.J. I also have an extensive line of cookware products, knives, cutting boards, etc., that are available at T.J. Maxx. My David Burke Steak Sauce is available in all the restaurants and is a fantastic addition to any meal. We continue to open new restaurants and currently have eight restaurants in five states. I have a new cookbook in the works that I am very excited about. My 12-beverage, sparkling non-alcoholic drink is the newest product that you can check out.

Diane Henderiks is a registered dietitian, the founder of and a "Good Morning America" health contributor.

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via FacebookA New Jersey mom awaiting trial for murdering her infant son because he was getting in the way of her affair has been hit with new charges—this time for allegedly conspiring with her boyfriend in a murder-for-hire plot.Heather Reynolds, 43, and boyfriend, 44-year-old Jeffrey Callahan, were charged this week with first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office said Wednesday. Reynolds was already being held at Camden County Jail on a slew of charges, including murder and endangering the welfare of a child, in connection to the May 10, 2018 death of her 17-month-old son Axel Reynolds.“During the investigation into Axel’s death, detectives uncovered evidence that Reynolds and Callahan were allegedly conspiring to have another individual killed,” prosecutors said in a news release announcing the charges. Details of the murder-for-hire scheme have not been released.In 2018, officers responded to Gloucester Township after reports of an unresponsive child on a lawn. Prosecutors allege that the 17-month-old had bruises around his mouth and nose and Reynolds told EMTs she believed he may have accidentally ingested something poisonous. He was pronounced dead at the scene.“Although no one had accused [Reynolds] of any wrongdoing, she blurted out, ‘It’s not suspicious. I didn’t do anything wrong,’” Assistant Prosecutor Peter Gallagher said during a 2019 court hearing, according to Axel Reynolds died from being suffocated by a poisonous wet wipe, officials said. Tribute Slides/Earle Funeral Home The medical examiner concluded on June 7, 2018, that Axel died of asphyxia and his death was a homicide, authorities said. Blood tests showed trace levels of isopropyl alcohol, which is used in antiseptics and acetone, prompting the medical examiner to conclude the infant suffocated after “a wipe containing isopropyl alcohol and detergent was placed over the mouth and nose,” according to said that during the investigation, witnesses later revealed that Reynolds had used meth the night before Axel’s death and a small residue of the drug was found in her purse. Text messages obtained from Reynolds’ damaged phone showed that she was having an affair while her husband was working in another state.“A review of the text messages between the defendant and her boyfriend from the previous night reveal that [Reynolds] was becoming frustrated by the boyfriend’s apparent lack of interest,” Gallagher said in 2019. “And witnesses also told detectives that [Reynolds] had expressed the sentiment that her toddler son, the victim A.R., was an obstacle to her relationship with her boyfriend.”The prosecutor added that the boyfriend, who was not identified at the time, also slept over the night of the murder but left before police arrived.Reynolds was indicted by a grand jury on June 13, 2018. During a 2019 hearing in which Reynolds was ordered to be detained pending trial, her defense attorney insisted that while she struggled with addiction she did not kill her son.“She adamantly denies that she has anything to do with the death of her child,” attorney Michael Testa said. “She’s suffered greatly as a result of this.” online tribute written by one of Axel Reynolds’ aunts described him as the “sweetest little boy who had a smile that made the room glow and everyone around you feel the innocence and peace that you radiated.”Callahan, who was arrested on Monday, is set to appear in court on Friday for a detention hearing. Reynolds’ next court date hasn't been set. An attorney for both was not immediately available for comment. One of Reynolds’ relatives declined to comment on the new charges, telling The Daily Beast, “unfortunately our family can not really comment on anything until the trial is over.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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The world's largest truck and bus maker is charting an ambitious zero-emission future and says it's not that far off - despite higher costs and the current lack of support infrastructure. Daimler AG's truck division says it plans to shift most of its vehicle development resources to zero-emission vehicles by 2025 and predicts that battery and hydrogen-powered trucks could be competitive with diesels on cost later this decade. Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum on Thursday underlined the company's big plans for hydrogen, even though the technology is not as close to practical use as batteries and vehicle costs remain high.

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Chef David Burke’s Menus for the 'Other Holidays' - Recipes

First look: Red Salt by David Burke

by Cathy Martin | photographs by Justin Driscoll

Chef David Burke likes to have fun with food. By now, you might have seen photos on social media of his “clothesline bacon” appetizer — thick-cut, peppery, maple-glazed strips dangling deliciously from mini clothespins, served with a pair of scissors for trimming each salty-and-sweet bite. The dish is a mainstay on menus at the award-winning chef’s 18 restaurants, including two new Charlotte spots, Cloud Bar and Red Salt by David Burke. Or perhaps you’ve seen Burke’s classic chocolate-cheesecake lollipops, topped with a voluminous cloud of bubble-gum cotton candy.

The lollipops originated during Burke’s tenure at Park Avenue Café in New York City. If you had the fortune to dine at the Americana-themed upper East Side institution during its heyday in the 1990s, chances are you remember Opera in the Park, the restaurant’s whimsical signature dessert with a miniature chocolate park bench and lamppost on the plate.

“That park bench was on the cover of many a culinary magazine,” says Jeffrey Russell, executive chef at Red Salt, which opened on the ground level at uptown’s Le Méridien hotel in September in the space previously occupied by Evoke.

Bold flavors and bright, playful presentations mark the plates at Red Salt. Refreshingly, you won’t find too many ingredients on the menu that you have to Google before ordering: lobster dumplings in a miso tomato broth tuna tartare tacos with a chipotle aioli ginger salmon with Japanese mushrooms, bok choy, carrots and sesame snap peas. But the familiarity of the ingredients belies the complexity of the preparations, according to Russell.

“[Chef Burke’s] recipes are complex … There are many ingredients that lie deep in the flavors,” Russell says. He cites a Moroccan glaze that’s part of a lamb meatball dish at Cloud Bar, Red Salt’s sibling that opened this summer on the hotel rooftop. “There’s probably 17 spices in that recipe — star anise, some Indian spices, it’s all cooked down for six hours.”

While a majority of menu items are iterations of dishes from Burke’s other restaurants, the recipes are modified and adapted for each location. One such dish is the crackling pork shank, named Best Dish in America by USA Today in 1996. The pork is brined for three days, poached in pork and duck fat, crisped in a pan, and finished in a hot oven, yielding a tender, falling-off-the-bone texture. Though the preparation hasn’t changed much over the years, the dish is now complemented by Chef Burke’s take on vegetable fried rice.

Russell joined Red Salt in June after working for a Raleigh catering business. He’s spent much of his career in hotels, including Northview Hotel Group, which owned luxury properties including the Sanderling Inn in Duck and Jekyll Island Club on the coast of Georgia.

Burke made a name for himself in culinary circles in the early 1990s while at The River Café in Brooklyn. He’s been a recurring guest on Bravo’s hit TV cooking competition Top Chef. Now, he stays busy with his 16 restaurants (and counting), mostly in New York and his home state of New Jersey, with additional locations in Washington, D.C., and Breckenridge, Colo.

David Burke | photograph courtesy of Red Salt

Russell brings a Southern influence to the menu, where you’ll also find steaks prepared using Burke’s patented dry-aging process — pink Himalayan salt renders the beef flavorful and tender.

On the lighter side, expect appetizers like the chilled shrimp and broccoli guacamole with carrots and crispy quinoa. The Red Salt Chicken with spinach, mushrooms and Carolina gold rice is accompanied by a sweet and tangy whole-grain mustard apricot jus. The sides here are more than an afterthought, notably the Brussels sprouts served with a bacon-onion jam and “hipster” hushpuppies, taken up a notch with shishito peppers, parmesan and chili honey butter.

On the dessert menu, along with those famous cheesecake lollipops you’ll find another Burke classic, the tin can of cake: a warm chocolate red-velvet cake served with caramel ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and Heath bar crunch. The butterscotch and banana pudding topped with crisp meringues has a silky, smooth texture and isn’t too heavy after a big meal.

The restaurant itself has been given a new look. Entering through the bar, a wall lined with salt bricks emits a soft pink glow. In the dining room, louvered partitions divide the space while keeping the room light and open. A 60-seat patio is set to open in the spring.

In keeping with the whimsical designs on the plates, a series of illustrations featuring an enchanted deck of playing cards by British artist Tony Meeuwissen adorns the walls. The artwork is inspired by traditional rhymes and fairy tales.

“It’s fun here. It’s not stuffy at all — it’s not pretentious,” Russell says. SP


Beets by Burke
Breckinridge gin, beet juice, peach liquor, lime, bitters 17.

Smoke Show
Bulleit Bourbon, maple, orange, rosemary 17.

DB Pisco Sour
Pisco 100, lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites, bitters 17.

DBT Margarita
Codigo Reposado, Licor 43, lime, vanilla 17.

What’s up doc
Grey Goose Vodka, carrot juice, ginger beer, lime 17.


Moscow Mouse 10.

You've Never Tasted Anything Like Pickles Drenched In Bacon Fat

There are a few cravings I believe the entire human race collectively has at some point or another: chocolate, bacon, and pickles. Now, I wasn't always a fan of the latter. I became a pickle fanatic after working at Delish for a few months, but I've loved bacon since the day I could chew. When I stumbled across David Burke Tavern's "Clothesline Bacon" brunch item, I almost couldn't believe my eyes.

The groundbreaking dish uses gravity to create a combination I've truly never tasted before. Grilled thick-cut bacon is hung on actual clothespins and torched so that it heats up and begins to sweat. The fat then comes running down the bacon and drips onto a pickle perfectly situated below. Then, you simply eat the bacon fat-drenched pickle. The whole thing is just mind-blowing, honestly.

Look, there's not much else to say here other than if you don't try this, you're missing out on a beautiful thing. Did I mention August 31 is National Bacon Day? There, now you have a great reason. Go forth and conquer!

Chef David Burke's 3 amazing recipes for butternut squash

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

The celebrity chef demonstrates how to make crowd-pleasing butternut squash and pesto salad, chicken meatloaf balls and a black eyed pea salad on "GMA."

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North Jersey

690 Park Bar

Address: 690 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park
Cuisine: American / Continental
Signature Dish: Rib-eye Steak
Bio: 690 Park is a two-floor space that seats about 47 upstairs as well as 69 downstairs. The restaurant’s vibe is modern, classy, and sophisticated. As a scratch kitchen, the food is as fresh as it gets in fact, they don’t even have a freezer!
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.


Address: 539 Park Ave, Hoboken
Cuisine: Italian
Signature Dish: Paninis (Lunch), Pizza (Dinner)
Bio: Alessio’s is a triple threat, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The stars of the lunch menu are paninis, which use bread they bake in house unique choices include veggie, pepperoni, and turkey pesto. Meanwhile, pizza pie favorites include margherita, tricolore, and capricciosa.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.


Address: 190 River Road, Edgewater
Cuisine: Italian
Signature Dish: Homemade Ravioli
Bio: There’s fine dining, and then there’s fine Italian dining. At BiancoBlu, food is overseen by Chef Enrico Geraldo, who spent 10 years training in Italy. Everything is made from scratch, from the pasta to the veal chops, as well as their signature cocktails.
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Address: 16 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood
Cuisine: Korean
Signature Dish: Bibimbap
Bio: Bibillia lets you create custom Korean food dishes in a similar way to popular spots such as Moe’s and Chipotle. However, the menu focuses on Korean bibimbap, home-style noodles, veggies, and rice which come in biodegradable, fiber bowls.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Brasserie Mémère

Address: 107 Vervalen Street, Closter
Cuisine: French
Signature Dish: Braised Beef
Bio: At Brasserie Mémère, Chef Ciszak honors French techniques and flavors while also mixing in his grandma’s personal cuisine. (The word mémère translates to “granny” in English.) They serve both lunch and dinner in a classic Parisian setting.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Brothers Smokehouse

Address: 900 Route 17 North, Ramsey
Cuisine: Southern BBQ
Signature Dish: Smoked Meats (of course)
Bio: As you may suspect, Brothers Smokehouse is owned and operated by brothers, three of them to be exact. Gavin, Jamie, and Chris Farella have two industrial smokers running 24/7 to match their motto, “Smoken All Day”. Their meaty menu is overflowing with brisket, sausage, chicken, and more.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Casa Don Manuel

Address: 1292 Alps Road, Wayne
Cuisine: Mexican
Signature Dish: Molcajetes
Bio: Casa Don Manuel serves “homestyle” Mexican meals that are perfect for the whole family. In fact, each item on the menu has some personal meaning to the Avalos family, who own the spot. For instance, their daughter Andrea loves the huaraches.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Clove Garden of India

Address: 353 3rd Street, Jersey City
Cuisine: Indian
Signature Dish: Goan Fish Curry
Bio: The owners of Clove Garden are quick to point out that flavors and traditions wary widely across Indian cuisine. As such, their menu offers a large array of options. But no matter what you order, you can expect an exquisite blend of spices to enhance your meal.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Cork and Crust

Address: 90 La Roche Ave, Harrington Park
Cuisine: Italian / Mediterranean
Signature Dish: Stuffed Jumbo Mushrooms
Bio: The menu at Cork and Crust presents Italian and Sicilian dishes with a Mediterranean twist. They can also make Gluten-free versions of each dish. Their dessert menu changes weekly, but tiramisu and cannoli are always available to order.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

El Turco Grill

Address: 270 Main Street, Hackensack
Cuisine: Turkish
Signature Dish: Adana Kebab
Bio: El Turco Grill serves traditional Turkish food with a modern twist. Husband and wife team Yusuf and Tess Ural offer a menu inspired by the food they grew up eating. To make their popular adana kebab, they grill and mince lamb with a mix of peppers.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Fork Hill Kitchen

Address: 201 16th Street, Union City
Cuisine: Modern American
Signature Dish: The Fork Hill Sandwich
Bio: At Fork Hill Kitchen, Executive Chef Eric Clemente cooks up dishes that are simple and casual with global flavors. He uses fresh, local ingredients – many of which are from nearby farmer’s markets – to produce a unique and tasty menu.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Franklin Social

Address: 292 Barrow Street, Jersey City
Cuisine: Rustic American
Signature Dish: Wild Game Skewer
Bio: When you think about the birth of America, it’s not hard to imagine important meetings taking place in a tavern. That’s why Franklin Social in Jersey City mixes historic decor and a menu that draws inspiration from early Colonial days. (And of course, plenty of drinks.)
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Freetown Road Project

Address: 640 Newark Ave, Jersey City
Cuisine: West Indian
Signature Dish: Oxtail with Rice and Beans
Bio: Freetown Road Project presents an island getaway vibe and a noble cause. Two days a week, the team works as a stationary or mobile soup kitchen, serving the homeless and the needy. The rest of the week, Chopped Champion Chef Claude Lewis serves modern West Indian cuisine.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Hearth Tavern

Address: 791 Midland Ave, Garfield
Cuisine: American/Italian
Signature Dish: Wood-Fired Pizzas
Bio: If you can’t decide between classic American dinners and homemade Italian dishes, Hearth Tavern is the best of both. From wings and skirt steak to penne vodka and pizza, this spot has a menu you don’t want to miss. (We say to give their Chicken Cutlet Ranch pizza a try.)
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Home Made

Address: 269 Main Street, Hackettstown
Cuisine: Polish
Signature Dish: Pierogies
Bio: Are you a fan of kielbasa, pierogies and chrusciki? If so, you can now get Polish favorites the way your grandma makes them at Home Made in Hackettstown. This spot serves authentic homemade Polish dishes and desserts, all made from scratch using family recipes.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Hot Kebabs City

Address: 228 Paterson Ave, East Rutherford
Cuisine: Turkish
Signature Dish: Gyro Kebab
Bio: Hot Kebabs City freshly prepares every meal, all of which is halal. The spot offers one of the best lunch deals around. For instance, lunch with a salad or soup plus a drink and pita bread is just $10. (Lunch items include chicken nuggets, chicken shish kebab, and falafel.)
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.


Address: 279 Pascack Road, Washington Township
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Signature Dish: Chicken Pesto Panini
Bio: True to its name, Little Chef is a tiny eatery that seats 16 guests at full capacity. They serve homemade Mediterranean food with an American twist. For instance, breakfast options include omelets and breakfast wraps lunch, meanwhile, offers wraps, paninis, and salads.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Marty’s Burgers

Address: 2024 Center Ave, Fort Lee
Cuisine: American
Signature Dish: Rocket Man
Bio: At Marty’s Burgers the décor resembles a classic burger shop, with vintage ads, high-contrast colors, and stainless-steel counters. Stop by to try their “Rocket Man” burger with arugula, balsamic, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese all over a signature 5.5-ounce premium beef burger.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Mexican Spice

Address: 149 Main Street, Chatham
Cuisine: Mexican
Signature Dish: Enchilada Casserole
Bio: The owner of Mexican Spice, Jennifer Teutli, was born and raised in Mexico City. So it’s no surprise she has a passion for Mexican food. You’ll find tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, empanadas, and chilaquiles on the menu here, as well as many other Mexican dishes.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.

Mimas Cuban Cantina

Address: 850 Paterson Ave, East Rutherford
Cuisine: Cuban
Signature Dish: The Elena Ruth
Bio: Kass Gutierrez — aka Chef Kass — is 29-year-old Culinary Institute of America alum her new restaurant, Mimas Cuban Cantina, is her way of sharing her love of Cuban food with North Jersey. Whether you come for breakfast or dinner, you’re sure to find something delicious.
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Narruto Bowl

Address: 461 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Signature Dish: Korean Hot Chicken
Bio: Narruto Bowl is far from just some ramen shop. Co-owners Joshua Massin and Jason Rosenblatt offer a diverse menu one which includes a mix of Asian and Latin American street foods, soul foods, comfort foods, and homestyle cooking. They are also a kosher restaurant.
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Address: 105 Greene Street, Jersey City
Cuisine: Indian
Signature Dish: Curry Mac and Cheese
Bio: Nukkad hopes to satisfy Desi nostalgia for Indian cuisine. You’ll find classic menu items like dosas in flavors ranging from traditional to pizza. They prepare batters in-house using secret recipes straight from south-Indian kitchens and their Biryani in the popular Andhra style.
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Address: 124 Main St, Fort Lee
Cuisine: Texas BBQ
Signature Dish: Hickory-Wood Smoked Brisket
Bio: At Oiso BBQ Pit, their signature BBQ dish is the hickory-wood smoked brisket they smoke the meat for 10 hours and use a rub that consists only of salt and pepper. Of course, they serve this authentic Texas-style dish juicy and tender with a strong, beefy flavor.
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Address: 110 Ave (Port Imperial), Weehawken
Cuisine: Modern American
Signature Dish: “Mott Street” Pizza
Bio: The menu at Porter features seasonal, shareable small plates, coal-fired entrees, wood-fired pizzas, and homemade desserts. The menu may sound fancy, but kids are welcome, too. Meanwhile, their robust bar offers handcrafted cocktails, wine options, plus domestic and imported beer.
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Pren Kitchen

Address: 52 Main Street, Suite 1, Chester
Cuisine: American
Signature Dish: Pastured Pulled Pork
Bio: The owner of Pren Kitchen, Kraig Kalashian, wants his restaurant to be the kitchen table of the neighborhood. He also hopes to help families connect more while eating that’s why Pren Kitchen has an unofficial “no electronics in the dining room” rule. (They have board games instead.)
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Ramsey Tap Room

Address: 1315 Route 17 South, Ramsey
Cuisine: American
Signature Dish: RTR&G Burger
Bio: Most of the food at Ramsey Tap Room is made in house from scratch. But their signature dish is the RTR&G burger which blends short ribs, chuck, and ribeye with smoke house bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, and melted cheese on a toasted brioche bun.
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Sender’s Smoke Joint

Address: 190 West Englewood Ave, Teaneck
Cuisine: New American
Signature Dish: OG Meat Pizza
Bio: If you’ve ever felt hungry without craving something in particular, Sender’s Smoke Joint in Teaneck is for you. Their truly eclectic menu features barbecue, tacos, sandwiches, pizza, duck nuggets, and more. Plus, as a bonus, the entire menu is glatt kosher.
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Simply Stix

Address: 163 Main St, Hackensack
Cuisine: Greek Street Food
Signature Dish: Bifteki Stix
Bio: Simply Stix is mostly a takeout spot that cooks items to order all in house. Owner Katerina Romnios says the idea comes from her favorite childhood treats. While spending summers with her family in Greece, her grandmother taught her to cook traditional Greek dishes.
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Address: 1039 Washington St, Hoboken
Cuisine: Coastal Italian
Signature Dish: Swordfish Milanese
Bio: Sirenetta – which means “little mermaid” in Italian – is the sister restaurant to Sorellina Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar which you will find right across the street. Though the menu and setting are very different, patrons can expect the same level of first-class hospitality.
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Address: 42 Kinderkamack Road, Woodcliff Lake
Cuisine: Spanish/Latin
Signature Dish: Homemade Tamales
Bio: As a family-run business, Sol treats you like one of the family every time you come in. The menu includes traditional Mexican favorites like tacos and enchiladas, and everything is homemade. Fan favorites so far include beef empanadas, steaks, paella, and seafood.
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Sonny T

Address: 259 Johnson Ave, River Edge
Cuisine: Southern Italian
Signature Dish: Margarita Pizza
Bio: The new Sonny T restaurant and bar in River Edge serves up Southern Italian cuisine starring family recipes. For instance, the Sonny T Sunday Dinner features nanny’s gravy with sausage, meatballs, and braciola, with either spaghetti or rigatoni. Buon Appetito!
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Summer and Autumn Cafe

Address: 17 Summer St, Lodi
Cuisine: Brunch
Signature Dish: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup
Bio: Summer and Autumn Cafe is the result of Marisa Sudol’s stage 3 cancer recovery and second child’s birth both serving as inspirations for her and co-owner/Chef Chris Paolello to follow their dreams and live for the moment. You’ll find brunch classics at this BYOB spot.
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Sushi Kai

Address: 206 Main St, Fort Lee
Cuisine: Sushi
Signature Dish: Omakase (chef’s choice)
Bio: The new Sushi Kai restaurant in Fort Lee is not your average sushi joint it’s an authentic, high-end omakase experience using fish straight from the Tovosu Market in Japan. In addition, this smaller spot seats just 25 patrons at full capacity, giving it an air of exclusivity.
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The Boil

Address: 8 Erie Street, Jersey City
Cuisine: Cajun
Signature Dish: “The Whale” seafood bucket
Bio: The Boil is a lively restaurant and bar that serves Cajun-style shellfish by the pound which you can, of course, pair with your choice of spices and sauces. With two successful locations already in Manhattan, their first New Jersey locale is now open in Jersey City.
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The Cheese Bar

Address: 322 B Wanaque Ave, Pompton Lakes
Cuisine: American / Italian
Signature Dish: Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese
Bio: The Cheese Bar offers all things cheese, from artisan grilled cheese sandwiches to homemade Italian cheesecake. They also promise each bite is full of a unique combo of cheesy ingredients. Their grilled cheese sandwiches also come loaded with pulled pork, chicken, skirt steak, and more.
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Tito’s Mexican Street Eats

Address: 11 Outwater Lane, Garfield
Cuisine: Mexican
Signature Dish: Carne Asada
Bio: Tito’s Mexican Street Eats is the product of two longtime friends with a shared dream to start a business and bring people together through a unique food experience. In particular, they serve low-cost, large portion meals with the bold and robust flavors of Mexican Street foods.
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Twisted Tulip

Address: 277 Eisenhower Parkway, Livingston
Cuisine: Cafe
Signature Dish: Coffee
Bio: Twisted Tulip is an upscale cafe that focuses on sourcing local ingredients. In fact, they buy all their coffee from Jersey City. In addition, they hand craft all drinks without the use of any machines. Though the process takes longer, the end result is a higher quality cup of coffee.
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Uncle Louie’s Pizza

Address: 14 West Grand Ave, Montvale
Cuisine: Italian
Signature Dish: The Grandma Pie
Bio: Uncle Louie’s is “the place that you can get the best of the best for a reasonable price” that’s according to owner David Brancato. Their new location aims to serve as a middle ground between high-end Italian restaurants and typical pizzerias. (There is also one in Franklin Lakes.)
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Vibe Burger

Address: 92 Route 23 North, Riverdale
Cuisine: American
Signature Dish: Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs
Bio: Vibe Burger is more than just a restaurant. The space also houses arcade games, a mini-golf course, and even virtual reality rides. Their fresh, never frozen menu — including signature burgers — comes courtesy of award-winning Owner and Partner/Executive Chef Darryl Harmon.
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Willow and Whisk

Address: 319 Franklin Ave, Wyckoff
Cuisine: American
Signature Dish: Mini Brioche French toast
Bio: Willow and Whisk takes classic diner dishes and turns them on their head with a unique and signature flair. The true family restaurant is owned by siblings AJ and Rich DiBenedetto, along with their cousin Evan D’Auge. The carefully curated menu boasts breakfast favorites and more.
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The Yacht Club

Address: 541 River Rd, Edgewater
Cuisine: Seafood
Signature Dish: Lobster BLT sandwich
Bio: You can’t miss The Yacht Club along the Edgewater Commons Shopping Center pier, with its white lighthouse-shaped façade. The restaurant serves American seafood dishes courtesy of Executive Chef Gregory Zapantis, and also employs Sushi Chef Steve Song.
Learn More: Click here to read the full feature.


For media and press inquiries, please contact
Paula Bernstein at [email protected]

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The Challenges Ahead For New Jersey Dining

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David Burke Orange Lawn Offers Outdoor Dining Oasis in South Orange

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Dining Inn

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Celebrate the Holidays with DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate with friends & family at New Jersey’s best year-round beachfront venue DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke. Internationally acclaimed and celebrity Chef David Burke’s elegant, beach-casual restaurant will be open for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve offering special holiday menus and festivities.

Chef Burke’s innovative, playful and flavorful modern American menu and the restaurant’s exemplary service will make this holiday one of your most memorable. Located right on the beach, the award-winning restaurant decorated for the holidays, offers various unique dining areas to suit anyone’s mood. There is the traditional main dining room with several cozy areas like the “Chandelier Table”, comfortable booths for large parties and several window seatings for two with views of the ocean to the east or sunsets to the west, the “Gallery Room’ with its wood burning fireplace and the carefree and casual Hendrix Bar/Lounge. Complimentary valet parking will ensure a convenient, warm welcome (and departure) regardless of what the fickle winter weather has in store.

Here is our holiday lineup:

Tuesday, Christmas Eve 4 – 9:30 pm

Our a la carte menu with a variety of seasonal specials celebrating the “Feast of the Seven Fishes”

Wednesday, Christmas Day 12 – 7 pm

Chef David Burke’s award-winning a la carte menu

Tuesday, New Year's Eve

Exquisite special prix fixe menus prepared specifically to ring in the New Year

4 - 8 pm, three-course menu $65++ per person

8 pm - 1 am, four-course menu, $85++, live music with Dina Pyanoe, party favors, champagne toast at Midnight and the Ball Dropping on large screen TVs

Wednesday, New Year's Day - Closed

Gift cards available for available for Holiday gift giving!

Also located on the Driftwood Cabana Club property - owned by the Stavola family since 1957 - is the Nauti Bar by David Burke, which is right on the beach with all the sights and sounds of the ocean all around you. Nauti Bar, open to the public October – May 2020, serves a casual, creative, bar-style menu. Nauti Bar is the ideal Jersey Shore spot to meet friends and family for delicious snacks, gourmet burgers, house-made pizzas and more, an especially Nauti cocktail, premium glass of wine or a local craft beer from its 12 taps. Catch some exciting sports games there too, with six big-screen TVs and the NFL ticket. Nauti Bar will be open for with extended hours on Tuesday, Christmas Eve (normally closed on Tuesdays Closed Christmas Day Tuesday, New Year’s Eve 3 pm – 1 am Wednesday, New Year’s Day 11 am - 10 pm.

David Burke, a New Jersey native, is a leading pioneer in modern American cooking. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Burke has amassed a career marked by creativity, critical acclaim and the introduction of revolutionary products and cooking techniques. He is the winner of France’s coveted Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplome d’Honneur, the only American to ever achieve this honor, and has also won the Nippon Award for Excellence from the government of Japan, for overall skill and technique. He has appeared on several TV shows, including Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, and has received a US patent for his pink Himalayan salt dry-age technique for steaks.

His other restaurants include BLT Prime by David Burke, Washington D.C. David Burke Tavern and Woodpecker by David Burke in Manhattan Red Salt Room by David Burke, King Bar by David Burke, Patio Bar by David Burke, Garden City Hotel, Garden City, NY. Blue Hen, Salt & Char, Adelphi Hotel, Saratoga, NY and Grand Tavern by David Burke, St. Louis, MO Ventanas, Fort Lee and David Burke Orange Lawn in New Jersey.

Date: December 24, 2019 - January 01, 2020 4:00 PM-1:00 AM

Location: DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke | 1485 Ocean Avenue, Seabright, NJ 07760 | 7325309760

Watch the video: ΨΑΡΕΜΑ ΜΟΥΡΜΟΥΡΑΣ ΣΤΟΝ ΝΟΤΙΟ ΕΥΒΟΙΚΟ (January 2022).