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Pepper food

Pepper food

I baked the peppers and tomatoes and I cut the onion into small pieces and hardened it a little in olive oil, until it turned golden. I peeled the peppers and peeled them and broke them into strips, taking care to keep the juice. I did the same with the tomatoes that I cut in four.

In a bowl I arranged the peppers, tomatoes, onions, I poured all the juice left by the vegetables, a pinch of salt, pepper and I put the bowl in the oven for approx. 20 min. At the end I sprinkled chopped dill. For those who want, a little cream never spoils. Grandma also adds some kneaded cheese that melts and binds the food.

What else can I tell you? Our mouths are busy and our taste buds satisfied.

Pepper broth suitable for any food

Wash the peppers well. Clean the stalks and seeds and finely chop them on the food processor. They are quite watery, so they will leave the juice, no need to boil them in water. Put them in a very large pot, over high heat at first, until they start to boil. Then lower the heat to medium and stir constantly with a spatula or wooden spoon so that it does not stick. Add salt. Let them drop enough until the composition reaches like a paste.

Meanwhile, sterilize the jars in the oven (150 degrees, 10 minutes), without a lid. Wash the lids well.

Put the hot paste in the jars placed on a metal grill, so that it does not crack. Put the lids on and put all the broth jars in the beds and leave them until the next day, to seal them and avoid using preservatives.

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Recipes for dishes prepared from eel

The eel is a true predator of the sea. It is a delicacy that many love. Most of us have tried this fish in dried or smoked form. Therefore, few know that it is possible to cook very delicious eel dishes. In addition to excellent taste, this fish is also very useful: it contains many vitamins and nutrients. However, the eel should be able to prepare properly, as its blood contains poisonous toxins that can cause poisoning. But do not be afraid, with the right heat treatment all toxins are destroyed. Also, what you need to know: if you need to cut the eel - be very careful. If his blood reaches the affected skin, then there may be inflammation. But even this does not stop the real gourmets. Then we will share with you recipes for the most delicious eel dishes.

Japanese cuisine

We all know that the Japanese are considered long-lived liver. In this sense, various products, including fish, are powerless. This people is really good at fish and can cook real culinary masterpieces from it. At the same time, they try to subject the seafood to minimal heat treatment. Eel is one of the most popular products in Japan. It is most often used to make rolls. Therefore, we will tell you how to prepare such delicious rolls at home. All products can be easily found in the supermarket.

Unagi (strangulation rolls)

To prepare such rolls, you will need the following products: 150 sushi semolina, 3 sheets of clouds, smoked eel, a tablespoon of sesame, a tablespoon of soy sauce, green onions, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Put your wet hands on the clouds. It should take about 2/3 of the space. In the middle of the leaf put an onion and a striped ring. Using special rolls of zinc roll and cut them into 6-8 pieces. Before serving, pour each roll with soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Ginger and wasabi roll on rolls.

European cuisine

In European cuisine is a very popular recipe for eel pie. How to cook it, we will tell you.

Take a pair of medium-sized black dots and remove the skin from them, do not forget to remove the fins. Then cut the fish into pieces and place them in a pan with melted butter (30 g). Add the rats, mushrooms, spices, parsley, a glass of sherry, nutmeg and a little water to the fish. Turn on the heat and let it boil. After boiling, remove the fish and transfer it to a baking dish ready for fluff cooking. In the liquid you left in the pan, add another gram of butter, the same amount of flour. From this you will have a sauce. The sauce should be cooked over a low heat and, at the end, add a little lemon juice. With a ready-made sauce, pour the fish, top with the boiled egg yolks and cover with a gauze dough. To make the crust turn red, grease the top of the pie with an egg yolk. Bake the cake at 180 degrees for one hour. Serve the fish can be both cold and hot.

Smoked salad Smoked salad

To prepare this dish you will need: 300 g of smoked eel, 2 fresh cucumbers, 1 Bulgarian red pepper, lettuce, sesame, soklimona, olive oil, spices to taste.

The salad is cooked very quickly and easily. That straw straw, bell pepper and cucumber. The lettuce is broken into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients, add the salad, pepper and lemon slices to the salad. Before serving, season with olive oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Acne with white wine

To prepare this dish you will need the following ingredients: one kilogram of eel, one kilogram of onion, olive oil, 2 cups of white wine, garlic (3 cloves), melted butter, flour and spices.

Peel the eel, entrails and bones, cut it into pieces. In a pan, fry the whole onion heads and then add the fish there. Add salt, pepper and pour with white wine. As soon as the wine starts to boil, throw the fish (grated or finely chopped) in the garlic. Cook everything for half an hour. Five minutes before cooking, add a tablespoon of flour to the fish. White wine is ready. Before serving, the fish can be decorated with chopped chicken.

Russian cuisine

Eel is not just a favorite delicacy abroad. We in Russia love him too. So some dishes have learned to cook well. The most famous dish is the ear. That's why we'll cook it.

Take a chain weighing a pound and a half and clean it from the back. Some fish skins are not removed, but have previously been thoroughly cleaned (salt). After that, clean it well from the inside and carefully wipe with a clean cloth. Then pour the water into the pan and add 2 celery roots and a crunchy pepper, sweet pepper, 2 cups fresh green peas, 2 onion bulbs. When the soup boils, throw the fish in there and cook for at least 45 minutes. Thin eel is very harmful. Before removing from the heat, discard the parsley ears and bay leaves. The ear is ready. Bon appetit.

Eel red

It must be borne in mind that eel is a fatty fish. Therefore, a meal for once when you do not eat and you need to serve it garnish. Therefore, in advance, prepare mashed potatoes or porridge for fried eel.

You will need an eel weighing 1 kg. Cut it along the top of the part, carefully carefully to remove all the insides and remove the bones. Then prepare the fish sauce. For its preparation you will need soy sauce, soy paste, ginger and garlic. Mix all the ingredients and turn on the heat. Bring the sauce to a boil. When ready, lubricate the nugget and continue frying the fish. The fish should be fried over high heat until dark brown. Before serving, decorate the bowl with herbs.

Horseradish eel

To prepare this dish, you will need: half a kilogram of gulp, 100 grains, a tablespoon of flour, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, vinegar and salt.

Grease the pan with oil and place the pre-ground horseradish in it. The fish is removed from the inside, skin and bones, cut into medium pieces and placed on top of the horseradish. You can spread the fish in rows, but at the same time each row should be sprinkled with horseradish. Add salt, vinegar and water to the eel until half cooked. Then pour a fish soup and add butter and flour. Boil the sauce. 15 minutes before the eel preparation, add the sauce. When serving, garnish with parsley or lettuce sprigs. Bon appetit!

The list of various eel dishes can go on for a long time. It can be used in recipes instead of any fish. It is nutritious and tasty. But remember that eel is very greasy. Therefore, it is better to eat it with a garnish. If you make a salad with it, then such a salad can replace the main dish. Another important point to consider when preparing the vessels of this fish: eel blood is poisonous. Therefore, avoid falling on your hands. To make sure this product is absolutely safe - eel should be cooked, fried or boiled for at least 45 minutes. Don't forget that! We want all eel dishes to be delicious and beautiful.

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