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How to hard boil eggs video

How to hard boil eggs video

Learn how to hard boil eggs in just three easy steps. Hard boiled eggs are great to have on hand in the fridge for everything from salads and egg mayo sandwiches to a quick snack on the go.


Prep the eggs
Place fresh eggs into a saucepan and fill with water till the eggs are covered by 1 inch of liquid. Use a saucepan that is an appropriate size for the number of eggs you are cooking; if you have too much room in the saucepan, the eggs can potentially crack more easily.


Cook the eggs
Set the pan on the hob and crank up the heat to bring the water to a rolling boil. Then turn off the heat, place the lid on pan and let the eggs sit for 14-17 minutes. The larger the egg, the longer the time.


Cool down
Cool eggs peel much easier than hot ones! Once your eggs are finished cooking, drain the hot water and replace with cold water. Gently crack the eggs, then let them sit for about an hour in the pan so the water gets under the shell. The shells will then slip right off!

Once your eggs are peeled, eat them as a smart snack and use them in recipes. Unpeeled hard boiled eggs stay fresh in your fridge for up to 7 days.

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